Software Development

At Tunnelseis we have more than 20 years of experience in programming. During that time we worked on different platforms like MVS mainframe computers, vector computers, the highly parallel Connection Machine, various UNIX workstations, and -more recently- on PC-architectures under Linux and Microsoft Windows. We have used extensively high-level programming lanuages such as FORTRAN and C and script languages such as UNIX-shells and Tcl/Tk.
Currently we prefer to develop under Linux using the C-programming language and Tcl/Tk. With Tcl/Tk we can quickly build and efficiently execute and control program flows and implement user-interfaces. The number-crunching that is typical for geophysical applications is most efficiently implemented in C. Over the years we build large libraries of special purpose subroutines which we can combine quickly to build new programs.
Software development at Tunnelseis aims at:

  • modular code to allow for easy maintenance and extension of programs

  • use of standardised programming to allow for platform-independence

  • efficient code to save on system resources

  • simple and intuitive user-interfaces

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