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Tunnelseis is a development and service company that is committed to predicting rock and ground properties ahead of the tunnel while the tunnel is built. Successful predictions can avoid accidents and expensive delays in tunnelling.

Tunnelseis has been founded in 1995 on R & D experience in the U.S. and Europe both in the oil industry and in academia. Its main expertise is in seismic methods: Elastic waves are transmitted into the ground ahead of the tunnel and the earth's response to the waves is recorded. Tunnelseis develops algorithms and computer programs to build earth models from such seismic measurements, it can model and process seismic data, and consults on issues concerning seismic prediction ahead of the tunnel. Since tunnelseismology is a rather new field of geophysics, Tunnelseis has to invest a considerable portion of working hours to research. The understanding of specific tunnel seismic problems has led to several new algorithms to process tunnel seismic data, to automate seismic processing, and to derive petrophysical parameters from seismic measurements.

Tunnelseis has been founded by Dr. Guido Kneib. He studied Geophysics at the Universities of Frankfurt, Germany, and Karlsruhe, Germany, where he earned a Diploma. He extended his knowledge of applied seismology and obtained a M.S. in geophysics from Stanford University, USA, when he joined the Stanford Exploration Project during a fruitful one-year stay. Guido returned to Karlsruhe University to study towards a Ph.D. His Ph.D.-thesis has been on wave propagation in random media. After graduation in 1993 Guido joined the R & D Department of Western Geophysical in London. His work for one of the largest service companies for the petroleum industry involved the development and implementation of commercial seismic processing software. In 1995 Guido Kneib moved to southern Germany and founded his company Tunnelseis. Dr. Kneib has published several technical articles in geophysical journals.

Guido KneibDr. Guido Kneib, founder of Tunnelseis.

Since entering the area of tunnel seismology Dr. Kneib has been the principle developer of two worldwide unique tunnel seismic prediction systems: TSP (Tunnel Seismic Prediction) available through Amberg Measuring Techniques, Switzerland, and SSP (Sonic Softground Probing) sold by Herrenknecht AG, Germany. See projects-section for details about those seismic systems. Tunnelseis also developed a new finite-difference modelling tool to simulate wave propagation around a tunnel. The method has been successfully applied to interpret seismic measurements at the Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland. In 2005 Tunnelseis moved to new premises in the picturesque Black Forest Mountains, Southwest Germany. See contact-section for detailed address.

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